Stripe: Connecting Stripe, Receiving Payouts, Refunds & Invoices


All payouts are done automatically through our payment processor Stripe.  Stripe will automatically transfer money into your bank account when learners sign up for your paid events or courses.

To begin charging for experiences you must first connect Stripe in the platform.

1) Navigate to your community page and click on "Settings" in the left navigation bar then "Payouts".  

2) Connect with Stripe - if you do not have a Stripe account it is very easy to set a new one up.



Tip: If you'd like to see each time a new learner buys a course or live event you can turn on a setting in your Stripe account to get an email notification. 


If you need to refund a learner:

Log in to your Stripe and go to the payments section. There you can refund individual payments. Here is an article on the Stripe support website to walk you through in more detail.  

Note: * Stripe charges additional credit card transaction fees (typically 2.9% + 30 cents).

Your learners will automatically get an invoice through Stripe when they pay for an experience with you. If they want you to re-send it follow these steps:

  • Login to Stripe
  • Click on the “Payments” tab
  • Find the payment for the learner in question and click on it
  • Scroll down to “Receipt History”
  • Click “Send receipt”