Payments - The Member Experience

About This Feature

To become a member of a paid community or gain access to a paid course, members must go through the registration process, which involves payments.


How It Works

Members may go through the payment process when purchasing a Product or a Membership plan. During this process, Members must provide their payment information in Disco, and the transaction is processed securely through Stripe. This is also where members can enter a Discount code if applicable. If they purchase through a link with a discount code, the code will automatically be applied at checkout.



Q: When a member purchases a Product or Membership, is a receipt emailed directly from Stripe? Does the member receive confirmation of payment from Disco?
A: Stripe sends a receipt directly to the email associated with the payment. If a receipt needs to be resent or a member hasn't received one, it is possible to do so via Stripe.

Q: What happens to a member's access when their payment fails to process in Disco?

A: When a payment fails to process, the member's access to the paid content or membership may be temporarily suspended until the payment issue is resolved. The member will typically receive a notification to update their payment information.