About This Feature

Disco AI is an innovative set of features designed to automate tasks, provide valuable insights, and enhance your overall community management workflow.

How It Works

Disco AI is designed to be your omnipresent Disco AI, empowering you to succeed throughout your Admin experience using Disco. Interactions with Disco AI take place in 2 ways: 

  • Inline Actions: In places where Disco AI can assist, you’ll see contextual prompts to interact with AI to help a given workflow. Examples of this may include inline banners with suggestions OR actions to generate images, text, content, etc, with AI.
  • Disco AI Chat: Open a chat conversation with AI to generate assets based on existing content within the platform and create messages, content, and more based on prompts, streamlining content creation processes. 

Below are a collection of articles related to the specific features of Disco AI:

How to set up Disco AI

Managing Disco AI Training Data

Creating with Disco AI Chat

Answering Questions with Disco AI Suggestions

Writing with Disco AI

Generating Quizzes with Disco AI

Generating Images with Disco AI

Training Sources

Disco AI's capabilities are continuously evolving, driven by its training on various types of content within the platform. This section provides insight into the specific types of content Disco AI has been trained on.


Training Source Status
Content (text, lessons, assignments, and quizzes) Training
Feeds Training
Channels Training
External links Coming Soon
Event recordings Coming Soon
Member data Coming Soon
Media assets (pdf, png, jpeg, etc.) Coming Soon
Videos Coming Soon


Important Considerations

Disco AI relies on accurate data and prompts to provide relevant assistance. Ensure that the information provided to Disco AI is up-to-date and accurate for optimal results.

Admins should review and approve any content generated or suggested by Disco AI  before publishing or using it.


Q: Are there any limitations to the types of questions the Disco AI can answer effectively?

A: Disco AI handles a wide range of questions. Its effectiveness may depend on the content within the platform, the complexity, and the specificity of the questions. When asking questions to the Disco AI, it's helpful to be specific and clear. Try providing as much detail as possible about your question so the Disco AI can better understand it. Instead of asking a broad question, break it into smaller, more specific parts.

Q: Does the Disco AI  learn and improve over time based on user interactions?

A: Yes, the Disco AI utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze and adapt to user interactions over time. However, the learning and improvement process also depends on the quantity and quality of data input by the admin. The more data the Disco AI  receives, the better it becomes at understanding questions and providing accurate responses.

Q: What measures are in place to ensure the security and privacy of data the Disco AI processes?

A: The Disco AI utilizes content within the platform as its knowledge base. As part of our commitment to confidentiality, we do not share knowledge between different organizations. Please refer to our privacy policy for further details on how we handle data.

Q: How does Disco AI handle language barriers or translations for multilingual communities?

A: You can prompt Disco AI to write in different languages or translate Disco AI output/suggestions to different languages. However, it's important to note that Generated Assets are currently supported only in English.

Q: Are there any costs associated with using the Disco AI, such as subscription fees or usage-based pricing?

A: At the moment Disco AI Beta is free across all plans. As Disco AI evolves, Disco may incorporate usage fees and or tokens for things like image asset generation and product creation.