Access the Settings for your experience by first clicking on the Experience name in your left navigation and then on the gear icon in the upper right of your Experience main page. 
Table of contents:

Experience Details

Badge & Name

Long Name

Cover image


Experience Page


Experience Availability




Application Required

Registration Status

Registration URL

Fixed Duration


Experience Pricing

Experience Notifications

Experience Groups


Details > Badge & Name

You can create a custom badge that uses emojis or custom images.  The Badge and short name of your experience appears in the left nav of your community as well as on the 

Details > Long Name

The long name is a short sentence that describes your experience eg.  "Sales Training - Fall Cohort"Xnip2022-10-18_13-58-28.jpg


Details > Cover image

The cover image appears on Experience cards



Details > Label

The Label appears on your Experience cards and is used to indicate the type of experience (ie. Course, Space etc.). You can use any language you like to best suit your community.  



Details > Experience URL

The URL as it appears for registered members of your experience.


Details > Status

Experiences can be either published or kept in draft mode.  In draft mode, no one can see or register for your experience. 


Availability > Access

Access determines who is able to see both the experience card and the registration page. You're also able to auto-join members that are already part of your community. Xnip2022-10-18_14-03-57.jpg

Public -  Both your existing members and anyone on the Internet will see the Registration Page and can register. Non-members will gain access to both your community and the experience.  

Members Only - The experience will only be made available to existing members via the Experience item in your community left navigation.

Private -   Private experiences do not show up for anyone, they are completely hidden. You must manually invite members into this experience. 


Availability > Auto-Join


Auto-join is ideal when you want an Experience (eg. a Member Space) to instantly show up for all Members without them needing to register.   For example, imagine you had a "community space" that you wanted to show up for all members of your community.   Enabling auto-join would ensure that existing and new Members would have this experience enabled in their left navigation.

Auto-join bypasses all applications and payments, so only enable auto-join for those spaces or experiences you wish to have on by default for all Members.


Availability > Capacity
The capacity allows you to limit the number of people that can register for your experience.  Once the cap has been reached, new members will receive a message that the experience is at capacity.  



Availability > Registration Status

Open: Registration is open.

Waitlist: Registration is closed and users are sent to a web address to join the waitlist.

Closed: Registration not available.

To view how logged-out members would see the experience, open your registration link in an incognito window.


Availability > Application Required

Add an application step for Members that are registering for your experience. You can add text-based application questions. Members can apply for your experience and experience administrators can approve or reject applications. Administrators will receive a notification via email for each application submission.


When payment is required on the application, their credit cards will be taken, but not charged until you approve the application.


Availability > Registration Page

The registration page can be used to take payment for any given experience or just allow members to register.   
The top of the Registration Page contains a customizable image.   

The description area is rich-text, simply click anywhere in the description area to start editing. Click the + icon to add additional content like videos or testimonials.
Tip: To view the registration page as a non-member, use your browsers in incognito/private mode.  

For existing and logged in members, the Registration Page opens in a tray. For non-members the same page opens "full width".  

Availability > Fixed Duration

Fixed date experiences are accessible from the start date defined. End dates are for information purposes only and members will continue to have access to experiences past the end date. Evergreen experiences run forever and can be joined at any time.

Enabling early access allows members of the experience to access experience content before the start date. Early access will not impact curriculum modules with a specified release date.

Experience PricingXnip2022-09-12_18-29-10.jpg

Set your course price as either free or paid. You can also set up discount codes in the admin dashboard.

 If you take payment off-platform, invite members directly to the experience and set it to "free" and "invite-only".


Experience Notifications

Each Experience within your community has a set of customizable Notification Emails. For example, for those Experiences that are Fixed in Duration you can send custom emails ahead of the start date.


Experience Groups

Use Groups to target events to specific members of your experience. You can also use Groups for assignments in the curriculum. You cannot yet target Posts or other content. 


Landing Page

The landing page feature has been removed