How to change your community logo & appearance

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Brand customization allows you to have more control over the look and feel of the platform and match your existing branding. Disco allows you to add in your logo, change colors and even update your favicon. 


Brand customization is found under the "Settings" tab and "Appearance" sub tab.

Community logo

The community logo will appear at the top of your account and follow your community members throughout the platform. Ideal dimensions are width: 450px x height: 150px. This logo will also show in your emails.


Community Colours

You can adjust the default colors of your community and select the Light or Dark themes.



A favicon is a graphic image or icon associated with a website. Many websites use them as a visual reminder of the website identity in the address bar or in tabs. Ideal dimensions are width: 32px x height: 32px.


Community Name

You can also add a logo into general settings area right next to your community name. Once you update this logo here, it will update the Community Thumbnail on the left sidebar.


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