As a creator, we want to have a great understanding of the experience our learners will be going through on any platform we use.  

Here is a walkthrough that takes you on that learner journey from community signup to registering for events to participating in a course on a laptop or desktop:

Here is a list of everything covered with the timestamp:

0:11 - Registration and learning community experiences
0:27 - Introducing the Disco platform
00:48 - Joining the community
01:22 - Community homepage and featured experiences
01:56 - My calendar and registering for and joining events
02:52 - Exploring your community and available resources
03:15 - Channel exploration
03:25 - Exploring course landing pages and applications
04:15 - Expanded course homepage for accepted attendees
04:56 - Announcements
05:04 - Curriculum, tasks and lessons
05:45 - Adding in a profile
06:15 - Finishing a module
06:25 - Completing an assignment
06:55 - Sending a message to members
07:20 - Channel discussions and threads
07:35 - Notifications and profile settings


While we don't have a native Disco mobile app just yet, we do make sure that our platform formats beautifully on a mobile device.  

Here is that experience on a mobile device: