Zapier is a tool that helps you automate repetitive tasks between two or more apps—no code necessary. Disco has a Zapier app that can be used to trigger actions in other systems that are also connected to Zapier.


The Disco Zapier app has both triggers and actions available. A trigger is used to start a workflow (Zap) in Zapier and an action is a step in a workflow (Zap) that can use the data from a trigger to perform a specific action in that integration.


When connecting Disco and Zapier, you will be creating a connection for each Community.


Here is a list of all the triggers available in Zapier:

Experience specific (need to select an available experience when creating the zap)

  • User joined experience
  • User left experience
  • User applied to experience
  • Experience curriculum section started
  • Experience event date/time changed
  • Experience post published
  • User submitted assignment
  • User deleted assignment submission

Event specific (need to select an available event when creating the zap)

  • User joined event (specific event)

  • User left event (specific event)

Global (no filter on experience/event)

  • User joined any event in community

We currently have these actions available in Zapier:

  • Add user to community
  • Add user to an experience (i.e. course) *Note: adding a user to an experience will also add them to the community.
  • Remove user from community
  • Remove user from an experience

Email addresses are required for all of the above actions, but first name and last name are optional. Once added to an experience/community, the learner will receive the regular emails that automatically come from Disco.

How to Connect Zapier

  1. Click Settings for your Community
  2. Click Integrations
  3. Click Generate Zapier API Key
  4. Copy the generated key
  5. When connecting Disco in Zapier for the first time, you will be asked for this API key. NOTE: Because the API key is community specific, do not use an existing API key you may have from another community you run on Disco.

Here is our page in Zapier with more details and where you can search over 5000+ apps to connect with.