Disco allows you to duplicate or make a copy of a course you have already run. This will save you a lot of time so you don't need to recreate a course you run multiple times in a year. 


Here is a walkthrough of how to duplicate a course:


You can change the name, and start date and then decide what parts of the course you want to copy over. 

Items you can copy over:

  • Course Settings
  • Curriculum
  • Events
  • Resources
  • Teachers

You may choose to unselect something like teachers for instance if you will have different teachers for the next course.

After this, you can adjust the dates of your events by clicking on the calendar icon to the right. Sometimes you may want to adjust them due to holidays or your availability. Screen_Shot_2022-04-07_at_2.58.54_PM.png

Once you're happy with your dates select "Save & Duplicate" and Disco will make your copy.