Event Feedback Form

Getting feedback on your events is very important. That's why we have the option to turn on a feedback form with any event you create. This allows you to get feedback as soon as the event ends while the experience is fresh in your member's minds.


Turning on the Feedback Form when creating or editing an Event:

This is what the Feedback Form looks like:

As members give feedback, you can go into the Feedback tab to review the results:

You can also copy and share the feedback link with members by clicking on the three dots and clicking "Copy Feedback Link":


The member experience is as follows:

  • Member navigates to the event in Disco and clicks "Join Event"
  • Zoom window pops open and the live event
  • Ten minutes after joining the event, the feedback form is shown to the member. Only members that join the event are shown the feedback form
  • The member is also shown a "Leave Feedback" button that they can click on to show the feedback form. The member has 48 hours from the end of the event to provide feedback