Embed a YouTube Video on Your Public Page

Adding a YouTube Video to Your Public Page

Adding a video to your public page is one way you can help take your page to the next level, and provide learners with a peek inside your course. Here's how you can embed an existing video:

To add a video to your public page:

  1. Navigate to "Edit Public Page" at the bottom of the left navigation in a course
  2. Hover between two sections and click the blue "+" button
  3. Select the "text" block
  4. Click within the text area and type /
  5. You'll see additional functions appear
  6. Scroll down to YouTube and paste in your Youtube URL
  7. All set! Your landing page now includes a video

Note: Your YouTube video must be set to public, and cannot contain any parameters within the URL such as starting the video at a specific time mid-way through the video.