Product Registration Types — Open, Closed, Waitlist, Application Required

Every product you create has a registration status of either Open, Closed or Application Required.

Here is what all of the product statuses mean: 


When the status is set to "Closed", no one can register for the product. Once your product starts, you should consider closing the registration. 


When the status is set to "Open", anyone can register for your product. If it is a paid product, they must provide credit card information as part of their registration.


When the status is set to "Waitlist", learners can signup for the waitlist. This allows you to gauge if you have enough learners to start your next cohort while still collecting names and email addresses.

Application Required

When the status is set to "Application Required", the learner must answer a few questions you ask. You will be notified of any new registrations by email and will be able to manually approve each learner based on their answers. Note, that if this is a paid product, their card will be pre-authorized, but not charged on registration. Only, once you accept their application will their card be charged.