Assignments — Members vs. Teachers vs. Group Members

Christian Duffield
Christian Duffield
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Assignments are an integral part of live courses and we’ve designed the platform to allow you easily add assignments to your curriculum and decide who can view them. 

Assignment Types   


Course Members

If you select "Course Members", then all of the submissions will be visible to all course participants, and everyone is able to comment on each other’s submissions.

Teachers only 

If you select "Teachers only", then your submissions will only be visible by the teachers

You will be able to comment on the learner's assignment, but other course participants will not be able to see each other’s assignments. 

Group Members

If you select "Group Members", then your submissions will only be visible by the others in the same sub-group. (Only applicable if you are using the sub-group feature)


Submission Types   

Assignment submissions can be videos, photos, attachments, or text with links to external sites. 


Disco Recommendation

We recommend selecting "Course Members" or "Group Members" to help encourage learner participation and feedback. This allows them to give each other constructive feedback and learn from each other.

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