Adding Discount and Affiliate Codes

Adding a Discount Code to a Course

To add a discount code to a course, navigate to your Community Admin Page and click "Products" in the left navigation. Then, select the "Discounts Tab". You can add discounts that are a fixed dollar value or a percent of the ticket price. Note that discount codes work across all your courses. To track the usage of your discounts, navigate to the "Reporting" tab where your stats will appear at the bottom.


Walkthrough Adding a Discount Code:

Using Discount Codes as an Affiliate System

You can also use discount codes as an affiliate system, for example, if you have an influencer that is willing to promote your courses. To get started with this, create a special affiliate code for them (eg. INFLUENCER1) and provide a discount (eg. 20% off). You can then provide this code for the influencer to share with their audience, and anyone who uses that code will come in as a referral.


Discounts to Move a Student

If a student enrolls for a paid experience and needs to change to a different date you can use your discount codes to streamline that process for them. Here are the steps:

  1. Unenroll the student from the current course from the Course Members tab or from the Event Dashboard.Screenshot_2022-03-04_at_4.33.46_PM.pngScreenshot_2022-03-04_at_4.54.15_PM.png
  2. Go to your "Market & Sell" tab in your dark creator navigation and then "Discounts".Screenshot_2022-03-04_at_4.32.41_PM.png
  3. Create a discount of 100%. Note down the code. Screenshot_2022-03-04_at_4.56.14_PM.png
  4. Navigate to the 3 dots to the right of the code you just created and click "Share".Screenshot_2022-03-04_at_4.39.34_PM.png
  5. Select the experience you would like to use the discount on from the dropdown list.Screenshot_2022-03-04_at_4.46.57_PM.png
  6. And click the copy button to the right of either the Landing Page Link or the Checkout Page Link. Screenshot_2022-03-04_at_4.49.17_PM__2_.png
  7. Share this link with the student.