Uploading a Recording of Your Live Event


Once an event is over, you can upload a recording to your Disco Community.

1) While you are hosting your Zoom event, make sure that you save a recording. This can be to your computer or the cloud.

Tip: Don't close Zoom until it is finished uploading/downloading

2)  Once the event is over, navigate to the event in the Disco platform by clicking on "Events" in the left navigation bar.

3) Click "Upload Recording" and select the video file.  You can also upload a cover photo.

Here is a walkthrough:


Important Consideration:

Each video should be no larger than 2GB to ensure optimal performance and Member experience.  If your video size is too large, try using a tool like Handbrake to reduce the file size as much as possible.  (it's free and works across Mac and Windows). Make sure to set the video format to MP4 and select Web Optimized.  Once Handbrake has completed the compression, you'll have a file at a fraction of the size it was before without compromising the quality.