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  • Chat helps keep the conversation going with your learners between live events
  • You can integrate Slack (a popular collaboration tool) into your course
  • Once integrated with Slack it will:
    • Remind learners before your event starts
    • Announce when new content released
    • Announce when a new curriculum section released
    • Announce when an event date/time has changed

How to Connect Slack

  1. Navigate to "Settings" from your dark creator navigation bar
  2. Click on Integrations
  3. Click on "Connect Slack"
  4. Follow the connection process. 
  5. Navigate to your course and click "+ Add Apps" in the left navigation bar and select "Slack"
  6. (Optional) - Add a slack invite URL that will be used as the link for the slack app to make it easier for your learners to join your Slack workspace
  7. Select an existing Slack channel for this course, this is where the reminders and announcements listed above will go. We recommend adding some default channels like #introduce-yourself and #announcements.

Note: We have our own internal channels and chat right in the Disco platform. If you prefer, you are able to keep learners all in one place to chat and connect. 

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