Slack Integration

Disco works seamlessly if your community uses Slack.  Chat is a key communication tool for live courses and community discussion.

Integrating with Slack will: 

    • Enable the use of tools like the Disco co-pilot
    • Allow admins to bulk direct message all Slack members
    • Send reminder direct messages to Members within a Product. For example, members of a course would get a DM reminding them an Event is about to start. The link would take them to the Disco system (for tracking attendance) and they would launch Zoom.

How to Connect Slack

  1. Navigate to your Community Integrations within Admin panel.
  2. Click on "Connect Slack"
  3. Follow the connection process ensuring that the Slack Workspace displayed at the top right of the page is correct, and click "Allow"


Sending Invites to your Slack members

Many communities use Slack & Disco side-by-side.  Slack is used for communications and Disco is used to manage course curriculum, schedule community events more.  Once your Slack workspace is connected, Disco will make it easy to invite these members to create an account on your Disco hosted community.    Further, if you happen to add a member directly into your Slack workspace, they will show up here. 


1.  Navigate to Members tab

2.  Click on Slack Members tab.  Note that if this tab does not appear - your Slack is not connected

3.  Review the list of Slack members.  Check the box next to all or specific members and then you can setup and send a message to invite them.  


Sending DM's & Connecting Admin accounts

Once slack is connected, you can use Disco to send direct messages to members.   By default this will send the message as the "Disco Bot".   However, you can send direct messages from Disco into Slack that will appear to come from you directly.   To accomplish this you must connect your own Slack Account as an admin.  

1) Requirement : You must first connect Slack (see above) 
2) Navigate to your Community Settings
3) Click on Integrations
4) find the connected Slack integration and click "Add Admin" 

Connecting members to Slack

Once Slack is setup in your community, you will want to enable a way for new members to join Slack. To do this, you have 2 options: 

During Onboarding

The first option, is to go to enable Slack connection during community onboarding. By enabling the Slack connection step you will automatically send an invite to your connected Slack community. You will save huge amounts of time vs. having to manually invite any new member to your Slack community. The invite to Slack happens seamlessly via email.


1. Navigate to Members > Onboarding from the Admin area.
2. Enable Step 5 "This community uses Disco with Slack". 

3. Preview the member experience.


Beginning or End of Product in Curriculum

The other option is to add the custom "Slack Connection" system task into a module for members to join Slack either at the beginning or end of a product.




1. Go to the moment of a curriculum that you would like to invite members to Slack.

2. Add new content

3. Select "Slack Connection" content type

4. Edit with additional information for members to understand why they should join your Slack workspace