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To provide additional resources for your learners, at the course level you can add custom left navigation items such as an Airtable or an embedded Google Doc. When clocked it will launch a new browser window.

Here is how you can customize it:

1. From your Course Dashboard, click on the "+ Add App" in the left navigation bar. 


2. A list of apps will appear where you can select "Custom".

3. Enter the name of your new item and select an Emoji if desired. 

You have two options when adding a custom item:

a) Open a new browser tab. 

b) Embed HTML

Note that you cannot input a URL here, you will need to add a snippet of HTML. For example, you could embed an Airtable by going into Airtable and creating an HTML widget. However, some services such as Notion do not allow you to embed on 3rd party sites.

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