Connecting Zoom Accounts

Christian Duffield
Christian Duffield
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The platform allows you to easily connect multiple Zoom accounts to your learning community.

Connecting a single Zoom account:

  1. Navigate to your dark left navigation bar, click "Settings" and click the "Integrations" tab.
  2. If Zoom is connected it will show you the primary account that it is connected with. All events created will use this Zoom account. If it is not you can click "Link Zoom Account" and follow the steps.

Important: Zoom settings require that the host (connected account) be present to start Zoom meetings. Therefore the main account connected should always participate in all events. 


Connecting multiple Zoom accounts: 

  1. Navigate to your dark left navigation bar, click "Settings" and click the "Integrations" tab
  2. Click "+Link Zoom Account" and it will redirect you to the Zoom website to log in. Note: You may need to log out and log into the other account if you are setting it for other users. You will then be able to see the extra accounts in the Integrations tab.


3. Once you have multiple accounts connected you will see a new dropdown when you create a new event where you can select which Zoom account will host that specific event. 

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