About This Feature

Surveys allow community operators to easily gather valuable feedback from their learners, enhance course quality, and foster a more engaging learning experience. Surveys can be used to collect feedback to improve course content, measure satisfaction or boost engagement with interactivity.

How It Works

  • Surveys have options for single select, multiple select, rating scale, and open-ended questions. 
  • Admins can view submissions by members, see their answers for each question or aggregate results from all members.
  • Members will see one question at a time so that their progress can be saved and resumed later.
  • Surveys can be added to curriculum, attached to a post or discussion, or shared via a global “community share link.”
  • Surveys added to a curriculum have separate results for each instance.

How To Create a Survey

  1. Inside a curriculum module, add a survey by clicking the add icon “+” and selecting “Survey” as the content type.
  2. From anywhere else, select the global add icon “+” and select “Add Content
  3. Edit the Survey cover by adding an attractive cover photo and a brief description. Click 'Setup Questions' when ready to start adding questions to the survey.
  4. Begin building the Survey using the editor. Available question type include:
      • 'Single Correct Answer': Members pick one option.  Pro tip: This question type can also be used for “True/False” questions.
      • 'Multiple Correct Answers': Members must select ALL the correct options to count the question as correct.
      • Rating Scale’: Members can select from a scale (ie 1 to 5)
      • Open Ended’: Members can input written responses.
  1. Double-check all questions and ensure all fields are completed. 
  2. When ready, save the survey and look out for member submissions!

How To View Submissions

  1. Navigate to the Survey drawer's right-hand side and switch to the “Submissions” tab. 
  2. Click on “View Survey Submissions” to access the comprehensive view of member submissions.
  3. Use the tab switcher located at the top right corner to navigate between various views. Each tab offers a distinct way to examine member submissions:
      • Overview: This submission table displays member results and submission date & time. You can apply filters, sort data, and export a CSV file.
      • Individual Submissions: This view presents individual submission reports.
        Note: Both complete and incomplete submissions are visible in this list. Admins can see in-progress submissions.
      • Question Summary: Gain insights from graphs and charts that illustrate answer trends. This view visualizes the percentage of each answer option, providing valuable insight into members' responses to each question.

How To Share a Survey and Manage Instances

Global Community Share Link

  1. Navigate to the Survey and select the “share” icon. 
  2. Click on “Copy Link” to share access. Members will then be able to access the global community instance of the survey. 

Share Instance

  1. Navigate to a Product with a curriculum or a collection app and select “Add Content”.
  2. Click on “Add From Existing Content” to select an existing survey or select “Survey” to create a new survey in a curriculum.
  3. Save” the survey to save the new instance within the curriculum or collection app.