Content Duplication and Instances

About This Feature

Admins can either manage multiple instances of the same content or duplicate content to create fully new pieces of content from existing content. These abilities allow Admins to save time and manage content scale.

How It Works

Admins can duplicate or create new instances from the content or when adding content to a collection or curriculum app. When editing content that applies across multiple instances, Admins can save to all or duplicate and create a new content.

How To Duplicate or Add New Instance

  1. Navigate to a Curriculum or Collection app. 
  2. Select Add Content... 
  3. Select the From Existing Content tab.
  4. Search for the content you want to add. When you find it:
    1. Select the Duplicate icon to duplicate and create a new copy of that content.
    2. Select Use primary button to add a new instance of that content.
  5. Start editing the content