Content Creation

About This Feature

The Content Management feature in Disco allows for an atomic approach to content creation and management. Content can be created once and reused across multiple places, such as courses and community collections. This feature enables updates to be made in one location and applied across various instances, saving significant time and effort. Each instance of content can have customized settings tailored to specific use cases.

How It Works

Content Management enables the creation of content that can be shared across different areas within Disco. From the content area in the admin section or any content-adding location, content can be added using the global add button. Content can be created as text, video, AI-generated content, assignments, or quizzes. Once created, the content exists in the admin content library and can be shared in various locations, with each instance having unique settings.

How To Steps

Access the Content Area

  • Navigate to the content area inside the admin section or any content-adding location, such as a collection app or curriculum app.
  • Alternatively, use the global add button.

Add New Content

  • Select "Add New" and then choose "Content."
  • The add content modal will appear.

Choose Content Type

  • Select the type of content to create, such as text, video, AI-generated content, assignments, or quizzes.
  • For this example, select "Video."

Create Content

  • Title the new lesson and upload the media.
  • Use the rich text editor to add content.
  • Enter a brief description and select "Save Changes."

Manage Content Instances

  • Once saved, the content exists in the admin content library but has not been shared.
  • Choose to add an instance of the content to a specific course or collection.
  • Select the desired location, such as a course module, and click "Add Share Instance."

Customize Content Settings

  • Navigate to the specific instance of the content.
  • Adjust settings unique to that instance, such as enabling comments or adding prerequisites.
  • Save the changes to apply them to the instance.

Update Content Globally

  • Edit the primary content in the admin content library.
  • Changes made here will update across all instances.
  • Instance-specific settings will remain unique to each instance.

Add Additional Instances

  • From any content instance, add new instances using the same modal.
  • Select the new location and adjust settings as needed.

View and Edit Content Library

  • Return to the admin content library to view and manage created content.
  • Edit content to apply global changes or adjust instance-specific settings.