About This Feature

The Link App allows you to link to internal or external pages or resources for your community. 

How It Works

In a Link App, you can add a tab in the left navigation that will link to either an external website or an internal page in Disco.

How To Steps

  1. Hover over a Product or Section
  2. Click + icon
  3. From the modal select Link App
  4. Select one of two tabs:
      1. Custom Link: Will open an external or internal link of your choosing. With this option, you can still control whether it opens in a new tab or not, plus the name and icon displayed in the left navigation.
      2. Product Link: Will link directly to a Product in Disco. This link will take the member to the Product. You can’t control who has access, the name or icon. Selecting a Product will pull in the title and icon. Only members who have access to that Product will see it in the left navigation.
  5. Adjust the settings
    1. Icon & title: Displayed in the left navigation. Keep it brief and concise.
    2. Access:  Select who will have access to see this link. Can either be individual members or groups. This option only applies to Custom Links.