Event Registration For Members

About This Feature

Community Members can register and attend Events within their community or register as guests for events outside of their home community. 


How It Works

Attending Events from Within the Community:

  • Members will only see events they have access to, whether it's an ‘All Members’ event or a private event targeting specific groups.
  • Members will not see events targeting groups they are not part of.
  • Members must click on the ‘Attend’ button to attend an event. A confirmation email with a .ics file will be sent, which can be added to their calendar.

Attending Events from Other Communities/Products as a Guest:

  • Guests must sign in with a Disco account to register for an Event.
  • Guests can attend the event as Guests or join the community/product and become Members.
  • Joining the community/product grants access to the event and other available content.

Important Considerations

  • Both Members and Guests have the option to leave Event feedback. The feedback will appear in the event drawer under the “Feedback” tab and is only visible to admins.
  • Event attendance confirmations and reminders will be sent out to attendees as configured by the admin.
  • Only members can opt out of receiving event reminder emails; guests currently do not have this option.