Event Guest Access

About This Feature

Introduce a "Guest Access" option for public events. This lets event organizers share their events on any medium and invite anyone, even if they're not part of the community.

How It Works

This feature allows admins to:

  • Create an event and enable guest access so non-members can register and attend the event. 
  • View and manage guest registrations from a ‘Guests’ table. To access this table, visit the Admin area > Members > Guests. From this table, admins can: 
    • Send Emails
    • Remove guests
    • Invite guests to the community
  • Review guests' attendance in the “Attendees” tab. To access this, go to the event drawer > select ‘Attendees’.

With ‘Guest Access’ enabled, guests can choose to:

  • Sign up for the event: they'll only see the event page.
  • Join the community to access the event and everything else the community offers.

How To Steps

  1. Scroll to the ‘Event Access’ section at the bottom of the creation modal.
  2. Select ‘Public’ from the access setting dropdown.
  3. Select ‘Grant limited “guest access” (Recommended)’ option. This allows guests to ONLY attend the event and will not grant access to the community.
  4. Save the event.

Important Considerations

  • The event access must be set to PUBLIC to enable guest access. 
  • Guests also have the option to leave event feedback. This feedback will appear in the event drawer > Feedback tab and is only visible to Admins.
  • Event reminders will also be sent to Guests as they are to Members. Guests cannot opt out of receiving Event reminders emails. 


Q: Can guests access any content or resource in the community?

A: When ‘guest access’ is enabled, non-members attending the Event will not have access to the community.

Q: How can I remove guests from the event?

A: To do this, go to the event attendees list, look for the guest, select the overflow icon, and then select ‘Remove Guest’.