About This Feature

Public pages are a way to promote your Product and to take registrations. Products that are set to be accessible by the public automatically have a public page that can be customized. Public pages will be crawled by search engines, and you can modify the SEO settings.

How To Customize A Public Page

  1. Navigate to Admin > Products > Public Pages.
  2. From the table, locate the Product which you wish to edit its public page. Click the ‘Edit’ icon to open the public-facing page.
  3. Customize the cover image and the description using the inline editor.
  4. Save changes.

How To Modify SEO Settings

  1. On the ‘Public Page’ tab, locate the Product which you wish to modify its SEO settings. 
  2. Click the gear setting icon to open the setting drawer.
  3. Locate the ‘SEO & Social Share Settings’ section on the drawer.
  4. Modify the meta title, description, and a social share image.
  5. Save changes.