Community Registration Page

About This Feature

Customize the Community Registration Page to tailor prospective members' first interaction with the community. This feature is vital for creating a welcoming, brand-aligned experience and encouraging higher signup rates. Through customization, admins can ensure the registration page reflects the community's values, aesthetics, and specific requirements.

How It Works

Admins have the ability to modify the registration page's description and include a checkbox that new members must check to complete their registration. This feature allows for adding specific terms, conditions, or consent forms directly on the registration page, ensuring that new members acknowledge and agree to them before joining.

How To Customize the Community Registration Page

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings
  2. Ensure the community is set to “Public,” and select “Save Changes.” Once you've done this, users can register to join your community via the community landing page. 
  3. Navigate to Registration.
  4. Add or edit the checkbox and description. Click “Save Changes”.


For reference, this is what the Community Registration looks like: