Discount & Affiliate Codes

About This Feature

Discounts are a great way to incentivize members to join your experiences by reducing the price they have to pay. This feature helps attract more learners and increase participation. Discounts can also serve as affiliate codes by generating unique codes for affiliates and tracking their usage. 

How It Works

Admins can create discount codes with a custom name and code. The discount value can be specified as a percentage or a fixed amount. Additionally, admins can set a maximum redemption limit for each code. When shared, the discount code can be linked to specific products, and a shareable link is generated. Members using this link will automatically have the discount applied at checkout.

How To Create A Discount Code

  1. Navigate to AdminProduct > Discounts, select the "+ Discount
  2. Enter a custom name and a unique code for the discount.
  3. Enter the discount value, either as a percentage or a fixed amount.
  4. Set a maximum usage limit for the discount code.
  5. Save the discount.

How To Share A Discount Code

  1. On the discount table, click the overflow icon to open the menu, then select ‘Share’.
  2. Select the product to which the discount code should be applied. A link to the product public page and the registration page will be displayed.
  3. Copy the generated link and share it with your members or affiliates.
  4. Members using the link will automatically receive the discount at checkout.

Important Considerations

  • Ensure that the discount code is unique and not already in use.
  • Check the maximum redemption limit to avoid overuse.
  • Regularly review the discount usage and performance under the Insights tab to optimize your discount strategies.


Q: How can I track the usage of a discount code?

A: You can track the usage of each discount code by clicking on the individual discounts on the Discount page or under the Insights tab.

Q: Can I apply a discount code to multiple products?
A: You can create different discount codes for multiple products or specify a single code for various products.