About This Feature

The Global Search is designed to help admins and members quickly locate specific items within the community. This feature allows admins to manage the community by finding members, products, and content using keywords and common filters. For members, it enables quick access to relevant content based on their current needs, facilitating exploration and specific searches.

How It Works

Global Search is located in the top navigation bar next to notifications and the resource center, and it is consistently accessible from any page. 

To use the search function, select the search bar in the top nav and begin typing a search prompt. Filters can be applied for more targeted searches. 

As typing progresses, results appear below the search bar. Selecting an item from the search results will either open the item.

Important Considerations

  • Ensure keywords and filters are appropriately selected to refine search results
  • Be aware that the search results will depend on the permissions and visibility settings of the community


Q: What items can be searched using Global Search?

A: Global Search can find results from members, products, channels, content, events, feeds, and posts. These categories can also be used as filters to narrow down search results.

Q: How can search results be refined?

A: Search results can be refined by applying filters based on search criteria such as members, products, channels, and more. This helps in more effectively targeting specific results.