Adding Members To A Membership Plan

About This Feature

The ability to manually add members to specific plans allows admins to provide immediate access to plan benefits without requiring payment. Additionally, it supports the structured transitioning of members from one plan to another, which is crucial for maintaining an organized and adaptive membership structure as community offerings evolve.


How To Steps

  1. Navigate to the Admin area > Select Products > Select Memberships.
  2. On the table, select the membership to which you want to add members. 
  3. Click the overflow icon next to the “Export CSV” button on the Membership Details drawer> Select ‘Add Members’.
  4. Select the members you wish to add to the membership on the popup modal. Note: Selected members will be added to the plan and skip payment. They will have access to all benefits of this plan without needing to pay.
  5. Click ‘Add Member(s)’.

How To Move Members From One Plan To Another

  1. From the Memberships page, create a new plan if you haven’t already
  2. Navigate to the old plan where you want to move Members, select the overflow icon > then select ‘Delete Plan’.
  3. On the ‘Delete Membership plan’ modal, specify the new plan created in the step above for current members to transition to. This process allows the platform to collect payments from members under the new plan. 
  4. Click “Delete Plan” to remove the membership plan and complete moving Members to a new plan.

Important Considerations

  • If you have deleted an existing Membership Plan, remember to update any Feature Blocks that promote the previous Plan. Disco does not automatically remove or update these Feature Blocks, so if a Member attempts to purchase the inactive plan, they will receive an error message.
  • Adding members manually to a new membership plan gives them access to all the benefits of the plan without needing to pay.
  • Transitioning members to a new plan will require members to pay at the new plan's pricing.


Q: Is it possible to move members to a new paid plan without deleting the existing plan?

A: If you prefer not to delete the existing plan and still want members to move to a new plan with required payments, members will need to opt into the new plan themselves manually. Currently, the platform does not automate moving members between paid plans while requiring new payments.