How To Showcase Membership Plans and Take Registration

About This Feature

Showcasing Membership Plans and facilitating registration are critical features for highlighting your community's offerings. Admins can enhance the visibility of the membership plans by displaying them on the Community Home Page.

How It Works

To effectively showcase and share membership plans:

  • Use the "Feature Memberships" block to display selected membership plans prominently.
  • Preview how plans are presented, update plan details like cover images and descriptions, and share direct registration links with members or potential members.

How To Showcase Memberships in the Community Home

To showcase memberships and allow all community members to see and register, use the “Feature Memberships” block:

  1. Click the “+” icon on the home page to add a new block
  2. Select “Feature Memberships
  3. Select the membership plans you would like to feature. Note: Only published plans can be featured
  4. Click “Save

How To Share a Membership Plan for Registration

  1. To preview how your plans are presented to Members, click the “Memberships Page” button in the top right corner. From here:
    • Click on each plan to review and make changes to the cover image & description
    • Copy the URL of the page to share the membership selection page directly with members
  2. To share an individual membership plan:
    • Navigate to the Memberships page on the table and select the overflow icon for the desired plan
    • Select “Copy Link”
  3. Send the copied link to members so they can register

Important Considerations

  • Only published plans can be featured on the Home page to ensure all displayed options are available for immediate registration.