Customizing Social Share & SEO Info

About This Feature

Community operators can manage the graphics and information displayed when sharing events, courses, or the community on social platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. This feature is crucial for enhancing online visibility and engagement, ensuring that shared content is not only visually appealing but also accurately represents the event or course.

How It Works

The feature is available within each product through the Public Page & SEO settings. For each public page, specific meta tags including description, title, and social share image can be customized, making them searchable by search engines. This customization enhances the search engine optimization (SEO) of the pages, improving their visibility in search results. 

How To Customize SEO & Social Share Settings

  1. Navigate to the Admin area > Select the Products tab, then click on “Public Pages”.
  2. Select the setting icon for “Page Settings”.
  3. In the drawer, scroll down to the “SEO & Social Share Settings”.
  4. Add a meta title, meta description, and a social share image. 
  5. Click “Save”.