How Products and Memberships Work Together

Products and Memberships in Disco

Understanding how membership and product fees interact is important to monetize access to the community effectively. Here’s a simplified breakdown to help clarify how memberships and products work together, whether free or paid, ensuring admins can navigate the settings and options available.

Free Membership, Free Product

Members can register for both without cost if both the Membership and the Products are free.

Free Membership, Paid Product(s)

When a Membership plan is free, individual Products within this plan may still have a one-time fee. You can set this fee by navigating to Product Settings > Pricing > toggle ON the One-time fee option.

Paid Membership, Paid Product(s)

If a Membership plan requires payment, and Products within this plan also require payment, Members must pay both the Membership and Product fees to gain access to the product. Purchasing a Membership does not cover the costs of paid Products within that Membership.


Q: Is it possible for a Product to be included in multiple Membership Plans?
A: Yes. A Product can be available in multiple Membership Plans, and it must always be associated with at least one plan.

Q: Can multiple Products be on the Free plan?
A: Multiple Products can be added to the same plan, including the Free plan. We're working toward making one or more bundles available on the same plan.

Q: Can a Product have different fees for different Membership Plans?
A:  A product can only have a single, one-time fee that applies across all plans where it is available. We currently do not support setting separate fees for a Product across multiple Membership Plans. 

Q: Is it possible to offer a Product for free to certain Members without creating multiple versions?
A:  Admins can offer a Product at a price across all Membership Plans and provide certain Members (such as those in a particular Membership tier) with a discount code. For instance, for a Product priced at $100, Adminis can create and send a 100% off coupon to Members of a particular plan, effectively offering the Product for free to those Members.  Discount codes can only be applied to Products, not Memberships.

Q: Can Products be visible to all Members but only grant access to those on a specific Membership?
A: Products can be visible to all Members, and access can be restricted so that only Members of a specific Membership tier can register for the Product. It's important to note that visibility does not automatically grant access. This allows all Members to see what is available, potentially encouraging them to upgrade their membership to access certain Products.