Memberships - Overview

About This Feature

Memberships allow you to monetize your community. Flexible membership payments unlock access to a collection of Products or different areas of the community. 

How It Works

With Disco memberships, you can build free and/or paid membership options, with the flexibility of weekly, monthly, or annual subscriptions. Each membership plan is accompanied by a customizable registration page and gates access to a collection of products and/or apps within your community. Members in the community can choose their plan or change their subscription plan, including upgrades or cancellation of a paid membership.

How To Create a Membership Plan

  1. Navigate to the Admin area > Select “Products” > then select “Memberships.” Click on the “+ Plan” button in the top right corner.
  2. Give the membership plan a title and set up the pricing. Currency can be edited by going to Admin > Settings > Currency. For paid membership plans, select the frequency to be either “Weekly”, “Monthly” or “Annually”.
  3. Select the Products you would like to add to the plan. Once selected, they will appear in the list.
  4. Click “Create Membership”. 
  5. Once the new membership plan is created, more detailed information can be added to the “Plan Settings” drawer. For example:
    • Add a cover image: This is used on the membership registration and checkout page.
    • Add a sales pitch: A short description of the membership. This pitch is used as a meta description on the membership selection page.
    • Select status: Choose to continue saving as a draft or publish it to start taking registrations.
    • Customize the ‘Membership Registration Page’: This page is what Members see when registering for a plan. 
  6. Click “Submit” to save the changes.

Important Considerations

  • Your community has a default free membership plan that is always published, and the price cannot be changed.
  • All membership plans in a community must be created using the same Stripe account; otherwise, there will be payment issues.
  • The membership price cannot be changed once the plan has registered members. 


Q: Can I charge a one-time fee for a membership?

A: Membership payments must be either weekly, monthly, or annual subscription payments.  Products can be set to charge a one-time fee; however, the payment or Product cannot be bundled with other Products. 


Q: Can I charge members different prices for the same plan?

A: Each Membership plan can have one set price.  


Q: Can a discount be added to a membership?

A: Currently, you cannot apply a discount to a membership payment. 


Q: Is it possible to remove a plan with members already registered in it?

A: Once a published plan has registered members, you cannot delete it.  However, you can prevent new members from signing up for the plan by changing its status from "published" to "draft." This change will not affect existing members who have already joined the plan.  


Q: What happens when the membership price is changed in Disco? Does it affect existing members' recurring payments in Stripe?

A: When the membership price is changed in Disco, the recurring payments for existing members in Stripe are not updated. The original payment schedule remains in effect, and existing members continue to be charged according to the initial membership price they signed up for.


Q: If the membership price is changed directly in Stripe, how does it affect existing members?

A: If the price change is made directly in Stripe, then the recurring payment amount will change for existing members according to the new price. This adjustment is managed through Stripe and not through the Disco platform.


Q: What happens if a Member's payment fails?

A: Stripe will automatically retry the payment 8 times, and if all retries fail, the member will be unenrolled from the membership plan and moved onto the free plan.