Member Progress Report

About This Feature

The Member Progress Reports feature is a powerful tool for tracking the engagement and advancement of members through the learning content within Disco. This feature provides detailed insights into member activity. It is crucial for Admins and course Instructors to ensure that members are not only consuming content but are also actively participating and progressing at an expected pace. 

How It Works

Member Progress Reports in Disco offer two main views for monitoring member activity:

  • Overview Progress Dashboard: Provides a visual representation of each learner's progress with comparative analysis using light and dark green bars to show expected versus actual progress.
  • Individual Member Summary View: Breaks down the activities of a specific learner, including daily activity, curriculum completion, event attendance, and comments. 




How To Access Learner Progress Reports

  1. Navigate to the product where you wish to see learners' progress reports.
  2. Select the overflow icon > Select ‘Reports’ from the drop down menu.
  3. Review the Overview Progress Screen. Observe the comparative progress bars for each learner and review their engagement metrics such as event attendance and comment activity.
  4. Click on a Specific Member to view detailed daily activities and progress. Each category (curriculum completion, event attendance, comments) is expandable for more detailed data.
  5. Regularly check these reports to stay updated on learner progress and make timely decisions to enhance learning outcomes.