Messages Engagement Report

About This Feature

The Messages Engagement Reports feature provides admins with comprehensive insights into communication patterns within the community. This tool is essential for understanding how members interact through different messaging formats, such as direct and channel messages.

How It Works

Messages Engagement Reports aggregate data on member communication within the platform. Admins can access detailed reports that include:

  • Top Users, Direct Messages Sent: Members are ranked by the number of direct messages they have sent.
  • Top Users, Channel Messages Sent: Members are ranked by the number of messages they have sent in channels.
  • Public Channel Messages: The reports show the total number of messages sent in each public channel.

These metrics allow admins to track and analyze messaging patterns, helping to understand where members are most engaged and where communication might be encouraged or streamlined.

How To Access Message Engagement Report

  1. Navigate to the Admin area > Select the 'Insights' tab, then click ‘Messages’ to view the reports.
  2. Check the sections 'Top Users, Direct Messages Sent' and 'Top Users, Channel Messages Sent' to identify the most active members in direct and channel communications.
  3. Review the 'Public Channel Messages' to understand how many messages are being sent in each public channel and gauge the level of public engagement.
  4. Regularly revisit these reports after implementing new communication strategies to monitor changes and optimize engagement.