Member Engagement Score

About This Feature

The Members Engagement Score feature enables admins to track and measure the level of activity and participation of members across the community and within specific learning products such as courses. This tool is crucial for identifying highly engaged members and those needing additional support or motivation. 

How It Works

The engagement scoring system assigns points to different actions. Admins can access the total and individual scores of members, with the option to sort and identify varying engagement levels. Default scoring assigns one point per action, but weights can be adjusted to reflect the relative importance of each type of interaction.

How To Adjust Member Engagement Scores

  1. Navigate to the Admin area > Select the 'Insights' tab, then click on 'Engagement' to view the engagement scores.
  2. Observe members' total and individual engagement scores. Use this data to identify trends or specific needs within your community.
  3. Edit Scoring Weights: Click 'Edit Weights' to adjust the point values assigned to different actions. For example, increase the points for completing a module or decrease them for sending direct messages based on their relevance to engagement.
  4. Once the adjustments are made, save the changes to update the scoring system.
  5. Review the impact of these changes on engagement scores regularly to ensure they effectively reflect member involvement and contribute to the community's goals.