Community Custom Labels

About This Feature

You can change a large set of site-level labels in Disco. We understand that each community is unique, and the language used in one community will differ. That's why we give you, the Admin, full control to customize language to fit your community.

How It Works

By adjusting label language in your Appearance Settings, you can control how certain words are reflected across your entire Disco instance. For example, anywhere the word “Member” is used, it could be changed to reflect “Learner” if that’s what you call your members.

How To Steps

  1. In the left navigation of the Admin Area, select Appearance.  
  2. Click Labels
  3. Update the labels to the desired text in the input.
  4. Click Save.


For some ideas on what to call Members:

  • Learner
  • Student
  • Mentor
  • Participant
  • Member
  • Scholar
  • E-learner
  • Trainee
  • Participant
  • Tutor
  • Fellow

For some ideas on what to call Products:

  • Learning Products
  • Programs
  • Courses
  • Offerings

Important Considerations

Labels must be in singular form and can contain only English characters. For example, "Participant" is valid; however, "Participants" is not.