About Disco Images

We know you want your community and learning space to look inviting to your members so we've made this guide to help you get the perfect thumbnails for populating your Disco instance. We have suggestions for file specs, templates for you to use from some of your favorite design programs, the ideal sizing and even some pro tips to ensure it looks perfect. 

File Specs: JPG or PNG in the RGB color profile. Ensure exported images are under 300 KB for the fastest image load times. 


To make things easier, we’ve created some handy templates to get you started using some of our favorite design tools.


Community Image Sizes:

Product Image Sizes:

Curriculum Image Sizes:


  • Upload images as you work to ensure the creative looks right in the space it will live in. 
  • Your community logo may need added weight to be legible at smaller display sizes.
  • A midweight or thicker font is recommended for legibility on all images as they are displayed in multiple locations and sizes (ex.Event images are also shown as smaller tiles on the “My Calendar” page).
  • Curriculum images are displayed as a small thumbnail; we recommend using an icon or other bold imagery for these.


Community Cover Image:


Community Banner Image:



Product Cover Image:


Product Banner Image:


Curriculum Image:

Post Cover Image:


Post Banner Image:

Event Banner Image: