About This Feature

The Channel App provides a way for you to create a space for asynchronous discussions through a chat interface. 

How It Works

Provide your members with a dedicated chat space to communicate asynchronously, share resources, and engage in meaningful discussions. When added, Channels operate similar to channels in a Slack workspace.

How To Add A Channel

  1. Hover over a Product or Section
  2. Click + icon
  3. From modal select Channel App
  4. Adjust settings
    1. Icon & title: Displayed in the left navigation. Keep it brief and concise.
    2. Description: Helps Members understand the types of topics for the channel.
    3. Access:  Select who will have access to this channel. Can either be individual members or groups.
  5. Start messaging!


Q: Can I adjust the Access after I create a Channel?

A: If your Channel is set to Private, you will not be able to change it to Public. If it’s Public, you can change it to be Private.