About This Feature

The Feed App allows you to create a space for posts and is great for announcements, news or focused discussions. 

How It Works

In a Feed App, you can post questions for discussions and share content resources and announcements effortlessly.

How To Add a Feed

  1. Hover over a Product or Section
  2. Click + icon
  3. From the modal select Feed App
  4. Adjust the settings
    1. Icon & title: Displayed in the left navigation. Keep it brief and concise.
    2. Description: Helps Members understand the purpose of the feed.
    3. Access:  Select who will have access to this feed. Can either be individual members or groups.
    4. Who can post: Select who can post in the feed. Can either be admins only, everyone, or specific members or groups.
  5. Start posting!


Q: Who can post to a Feed?
A: You can change who can post. By default, a Feed allows all Members to Post, but you can also select specific members or groups.

Q: What if I don’t want a Feed, can I remove it from my community?
A:  From the left navigation, click on the ‘...’ next to the Feed app and select remove. You can always add another one later.

Q: When I save a Post does it email my Members?
A: No. You have the option of sharing your post, but by default Members are not notified via email.

Q: Can I rename the Feed App to something else?
A: Yes! From the left navigation, click on the ‘...’ and select 'Edit'

Q: Can I disable Comments?
A: Yes - when you first publish your Post you have the option of disabling comments. This setting can be turned on or off on a per-post basis.