Upload A Recording of your Live Event

About This Feature

This feature is critical for making the event accessible to individuals unable to attend in real time. Also, it serves as a valuable resource for attendees wishing to revisit the event's content for further reflection or learning.

How To Upload a Recording of a Live Event

  1. Make sure to save a recording while hosting a live event. The recording can be saved to local devices or on the cloud.
  2. Once the event is over, navigate to the event drawer.
  3. Click “Upload Recording” and select the video file.

An email notification can also be sent to the selected audience. Then click “Upload Recording” to upload and send the email notification.

Important Considerations

Each video should be no larger than 2GB to ensure optimal performance and Member experience.  If your video size is too large, try using a tool like Handbrake to reduce the file size as much as possible. (it's free and works across Mac and Windows). Make sure to set the video format to MP4 and select Web Optimized.  Once Handbrake has completed the compression, you'll have a file at a fraction of the size it was before without compromising the quality.


Q: Is Zoom recording auto-uploaded after the event ends?

A: No, Zoom recordings are not automatically uploaded after an event ends. Admins must manually upload the recordings.

Q: What is the maximum file size for a Zoom recording?

A: To ensure optimal performance and a smooth experience for members, each Zoom recording should not exceed 2GB in size. Keeping the file size within this limit helps maintain efficient upload times and accessibility.