Event Feedback Form

About This Feature

The Event Feedback Form feature provides a direct channel for gathering insights and assessments from participants after the event. This form collects feedback on various aspects of the event, such as content quality, video performance, and overall satisfaction. 

How It Works

The "Event Feedback Form" can be activated for any future event through the event settings. Admins can also share a direct link to the feedback form in the event drawer or copy the link from the event overflow menu.

How To Steps

  1. Navigate to the Event and switch over to the Settings tab.
  2. Scroll down to the “Feedback” section and toggle to enable the feedback form.

  3. Admins can copy and share the feedback link with members by clicking on the three dots and clicking "Copy Feedback Link"
  4. Submitted feedback can be reviewed in the “Feedback” tab.


The member experience is as follows:

  • Member navigates to the event in Disco and clicks "Join Event"
  • Zoom window pops open and the live event.
  • Ten minutes after joining the event, the feedback form is shown to the Member if the browser window they joined from is open

  • Members are also shown a "Leave Feedback" button that they can click on to show the feedback form. 

Important Considerations

  1. Admins cannot submit feedback for the actual event. Only users with permission to submit feedback can access the feedback button from the link or event drawer.
  2. For virtual events, only Members who join the event can access the feedback form. The event must be live or finished to access the feedback form.
  3. For IRL events, the feedback form is accessible to anyone who has RSVP’d. The event must be live or finished to access the feedback form.