Add Events To Your Calendar

About This Feature

Community operators can choose to attach a calendar invite (ICS file) to the event invitation email or allow members to add events to their calendar from manually:

  • Event invitation email
  • Event page > Event details drawer 

How To Attach a Calendar Invite (ICS file) to the Event Invitation Email

  1. Create the event.
  2. A “Share Event” modal will pop up upon publishing, allowing admins to share the event with members. 
  3. Check the box “Attach a calendar invite to the email (ICS file).” Then click “Share Event”. With this, members will automatically see the event in their calendar.

How Members Add Events to their Calendar

If the above option of attaching a calendar invite file (ICS file) is not selected. Members are required to manually confirm attendance to add the event to their calendar, following the below steps:

  1. Open the email and look for the event invitation.
  2. Click on the “Yes, I will attend” button. If it is a recurring event, clicking this button will confirm attendance for all occurrences in the series. 
  3. To confirm attendance to a specific occurrence in the series, select that individual event to open the event details drawer.
  4. Members can also add events to their calendar by selecting the “Attend” button on the Event page. 

Important Considerations

Any update to the event will trigger an email with a NEW ICS file for all participants, updating the old event in the calendar.