In Person Events

About This Feature

Disco Event enables admins to organize and manage virtual and in-person gatherings directly within the community platform. This tool is crucial for fostering real-time interaction and engagement among members. Whether hosting an online webinar via Zoom, a workshop on Google Meets, or an in-person meetup, this feature provides the flexibility to cater to diverse member needs and preferences. 

How It Works

The Disco Event system enhances community engagement through diverse event-hosting options. With events, community operators can:

  • Facilitate Events with efficient attendance tracking
  • Schedule a series of recurring Events
  • Schedule live or in-person Events

How To Create an IRL Event

  1. Navigate to the 'Events' tab > Click "+Add Event" in the upper right corner. 
  2. Fill in the information for the event, such as event name, date and time. Set the recurrence details if it's a recurring event.
  3. For Event Location, select ‘In-Person’.
  4. Provide the specific address where the event will occur.
  5. Specify the event's accessibility to ensure the right audience can see and attend.
  6. After finalizing all the details, save the event as a Draft to continue editing as needed. Once ready, Publish the event to make it visible to respected audiences.


Q: How do I know if a Member has attended an in-person event?

A: When the Member clicks the ‘View Details’ button that shows up 1 hour before the Event start time, Disco records the attendance.  We recommend that you share this with Members if you require attendance tracking for your event.