Adding A Live Zoom Event To A Product

About This Feature

The Zoom Event feature allows adding either a Zoom Meeting, suited for small group interactions and discussions, or a Zoom Webinar, where only the presenter and invited speakers are visible to larger audiences. This provides a straightforward way to host live sessions within products, accommodating various event sizes and types.

How It Works

Adding a live Zoom event to a product has two options:

  • Zoom Meeting: This is the preferred choice for smaller groups where members can see each other and engage in discussions. It's suitable for group workshops and collaborative sessions.
  • Zoom Webinar: Members can only see and hear the presenter or any invited speakers on the main stage in this format. Interaction occurs through the chat function, making it suitable for larger audiences.

Note: Zoom Webinars must be upgraded to use the webinar features. Additionally, products can include events that don't use Zoom, such as Clubhouse or WebEx sessions. For more information, refer to "Adding Non-Zoom Events" article.


How To Steps

  1. Navigate to the 'Events' tab > Click "+Add Event" in the upper right corner.


  1. Fill in the information for the event, such as event name, date and time. Set the recurrence details if it's a recurring event. To make this event available to members from specific products, use the “Link to Product” option.


  1. For Event Location, select “Zoom.” Then, navigate to the Settings > Integrations tab to ensure your Zoom account is connected.

    Multiple event hosts can be assigned as needed. Note that additional hosts must be granted permission to start the event in the video settings, particularly when the licensed host is absent.

  2. Specify the event's access to ensure the right audience can see and attend:


  1. After finalizing all the details, save the event as a Draft to continue editing as needed. Once ready, Publish the event to make it visible to respected audiences.

Important Considerations

  • Event Notifications: Automatic notifications will be sent 24 hours and 15 minutes before an event begins, ensuring participants are reminded in advance. This can be customized in Event Settings.
  • Time Zones: For attendees across various time zones, the event time will automatically adjust to their local time zone once the event is added to their calendar. Ensure the event is set in your time zone upon creation.