About This Feature

The Certificate feature serves as a formal recognition of members' achievements within a specific product. This tool is beneficial for motivating and acknowledging participants' hard work and progress. Such recognition can boost member engagement, encourage continued participation in the community's offerings, and add value to the educational experience,

How It Works

The Program Certificate feature functions as follows:

  • Admins can create one or more certificates for each product, allowing for customized recognition based on specific achievements within the program.
  • Disco offers an intuitive editor for customizing certificates, including specific details, branding, and design elements to align with the program's identity.
  • Certificates can be designed in advance and scheduled for distribution on a predetermined date.

How To Setup a Certificate

  1. Navigate to the Product page, select the overflow icon next to a product name > Select “Certificate”.
  2. Click “Add Certificate”.
  3. To customize the certificate, select the “Settings” option at the upper right corner. Upload a background image, edit the title, description, and select the text color.
  4. Give the certificate a name for easy organizing.
  5. Select the certificate status:
  • Draft: Only Admins are able to see this certificate. Admin can come back later to edit the certificate.
  • Schedule Release: Members will see the certificate on the release date.
  • Release Now: Certificates are instantly visible to members and can no longer be edited.
  1. Click “Create Certificate”.

Important Considerations

Any members added to a Product after a certificate is issued for Immediate Release will not receive the certificate.