Roles: Managers and Instructors

About This Feature

Managers and Instructors play an essential role for operating a course or program. By strategically assigning managers and instructors, admins can ensure each product is always led by experts with the right expertise and teaching style, catering to the diverse learning needs of students.

How It Works

To facilitate the smooth operation of a course or program, administrators can assign roles for the comprehensive management of an individual product:

  • Managers: This role fully controls the product's lifecycle and settings. Capabilities include:
    • Accessing community
    • Editing or deleting products
    • Managing applications.
    • Creating events.
    • Adding or removing members.

  • Instructors: Focused on the educational content and learner engagement within the product. Capabilities include:
    • Accessing community
    • Creating content.
    • Creating events.
    • Adding or removing members.

How To Assign Roles

  1. Navigate to the Product page > Hover on the Product you wish to manage the roles > Select the overflow menu and select “Settings”.
  2. On the “Product Settings” drawer, switch over to the “Team” tab.
  3. To assign new roles to the team, select “+ Add to Team”. 
  4. Find a name or enter an email address in the input box, then select whether to invite them as “Instructor” or “Manager”. Personalize the invite message.
  5. Click “Send Invites

How to Edit/Remove a Role

On the same Team tab, click on the overflow icon to:

  • Change their current role, updating from Manager to Instructor or vice versa.
  • Remove their existing role.