About This Feature

Assignments are designed to enhance the learning experience by allowing you to incorporate knowledge checks into the Curriculum with customizable visibility settings. This promotes interactive learning, enables peer review, and ensures focused feedback from Instructors.

How It Works

Add assignments within a Curriculum and set who can view the submissions: All Product Members, Managers Only, or Sub-Group Members. Submissions can be videos, photos, attachments, or text with links to external content, with a 2MB file size limit per submission. Assignment Due Date Reminders can also be configured to prompt members 24 hours before the deadline, ensuring timely submissions.

How To Create an Assignment

  1. From the Curriculum app, select the add icon “+”, then select the “Assignment” Content Type.
  2. Create a Title for your Assignment and add a Description/Instructions.
  3. Navigate to the 'Settings' tab and set Submission Visibility: Choose who will see the submissions:
    • All Product Members: Allows every member of the Product to view submissions.
    • Managers Only: Restricts submission visibility to Managers only.
    • Sub-Group Members: Limits visibility to members within the same Subgroup (Applicable if subgroups are utilized).
  4. Determine Submission Types and Size Limit: Remember the 2MB file size limit to select acceptable submission formats.
  5. Configure Assignment Due Date Reminders: Reminders are sent to members 24 hours before the assignment's due date.
  6. Publish Assignment: Finalize and publish the assignment details to make them accessible to your members.

Important Considerations

  • When selecting the visibility of your Assignments, consider the learning goals you have set for your Members and your Community Guidelines.
  • With the 2MB file size limit, Members may need to optimize their files or use links for larger submissions.
  • Assignment Due Date Reminders require setting a clear due date when creating the assignment.


Q: What formats can be submitted for assignments?

A: Submissions may include videos, photos, attachments, or text with links, subject to a 2MB file size limit per submission.


Q: Can assignments be edited after submission?

A: Assignments cannot be edited once they've been submitted however, Members can delete their original submission and submit a new Assignment.