Direct Messaging

About This Feature

Direct messaging within a community enhances personal connections and private communication. This feature enables all members to send personalized messages and address individual concerns. It fosters one-on-one connections and encourages a supportive community environment.

How It Works

Admins can enable or disable the Direct Messages function for the whole community by going to Admin > Appearance > Sidebar and toggle on/off the “Direct Message.” 

Direct messages could be:

  • 1:1 private messages
  • Group messages 

How To Create a Direct Message

  1. (Optional) To quickly contact admins, select the admin from the “Contact Admins” carousel.
  2. Navigate to “Chat”, on the DMs tab, select the plus icon “+” or the primary “New Message” button. 
  3. Select one or more members on the “Start a Direct Message” popup modal.
  4. Click “Start Conversation”.