About This Feature

Disco comes pre-packaged with various communication tools to enhance interaction and engagement within the community. These tools facilitate meaningful discussions and encourage active participation among members. With features for chat discussions, thread replies, and direct messaging, Admins can ensure communications are relevant and impactful, promoting a vibrant community environment.


How It Works


Disco Communications consists of a variety of tools to facilitate discussions and interactions within the community:

  • Discussion Channels: Create channels at the product and community levels. These discussions can be open to "All Members" or confined to specific groups, allowing for targeted communication.
  • Threads: Displays replies within both channel and direct message (DM) threads, providing a centralized location for viewing and responding to ongoing conversations.
  • Direct Messages: Track and manage direct messages sent and received, ensuring private and direct communication between community members.
  • Slack Integration: Operate side-by-side, offering the ability to bulk DM all Slack members or utilize the Disco co-pilot feature for enhanced communication flexibility.