Customize Your Community Home

About This Feature

The Community Home is the landing page for members entering your community. It's a central hub where relevant events, products, and discussions are showcased, allowing for interaction and engagement among community members. The design and layout of the Community Home play a crucial role in setting the tone and fostering a welcoming environment for all members.

How It Works

In Disco, the Community Home is designed to be fully customizable, providing a unique experience that aligns with your community's specific needs and interests. Customization is achieved through blocks, which can be added, removed, and rearranged to create a layout that best serves the purpose of your community. These blocks can include various content types, such as welcome messages, leaderboards, featured products, and upcoming events.

Community Home Blocks Available:

  • Community Details: Welcome members to your community and communicate the offering.
  • Members: Prompts social connections with other members.
  • Feed: highlights the latest posts from across all other feeds in your community
  • Featured Products: Spotlights Products selected
  • Featured Memberships: Spotlights memberships of your community
  • Leaderboard: Shows a leaderboard based on members engagement score.
  • Content: Embed existing content inline.
  • Events: Highlight the most recent and upcoming events
  • Rich Text: Custom block with our Rich Text Editor.


Customize Your Community Home With Blocks

  1. On the Community Home, hover between any blocks to select the + Add Block button.
  2. Select a Block
  3. Place it in the preferred section of your Community Home. The layout is divided into sections, such as the middle column for the feed block or the right-hand side for welcome messages and other features.
  4. If you wish to change the arrangement of existing blocks, you can grab and drag them to the desired location.